Inbound Marketing Manager

    Full-time, Work-From-Anywhere 



    Origin 63 seeks a results-driven, creative Inbound Marketing Manager that is excited to take charge and make things happen. As a full-time, remote position, the Inbound Marketing Manager's (IMM) core focus is to oversee the strategy, launch, and management of an inbound marketing program and to provide support with other marketing activities. You will be the primary marketing leader in the organization and will manage and direct resources to accomplish your goals, within a six-figure marketing budget. This person should love marketing, have experience utilizing HubSpot and have a can-do, try it and learn attitude.


    The IMM will have access to both an internal and external team. You will have help from Origin 63's CEO, a HubSpot Consultant, and a Project Manager. Your budget will enable you to hire outside vendors for key specializations like SEO, paid search, content, and graphic design, etc. You will also have access to virtual assistants overseas. You will directly orchestrate and manage these resources.

    Professional Development

    You will have access to virtually any training or certification program, mentorship and support from the CEO, and 1:1 access to a professional leadership coach. You will have access to virtually any other resource you need to succeed in your position. We take professional development very seriously.

    Flexible Work Arrangement

    As a work-from-anywhere employee, you'll have a flexible schedule. Outside of our normal working hours (9 AM to 2 PM PT, Monday through Friday), you will set your own schedule. Need to take a few hours off for a doctor's appointment? drop your kid off at school? or take a yoga class in the middle of the day? No problem. We care about the impact of your work—not when you choose to do it.

    Autonomous Work Environment

    The IMM will report directly to the CEO and has full ownership of the Origin 63 inbound marketing program. This means you will be leading the marketing team and programs that result in the company's growth. You will be expected to work autonomously with little direction—and a whole lot of support.

    Key Outcomes

    Your primary goal is to develop, implement, and manage an inbound marketing plan that enables Origin 63 to grow revenues by 100%+ by the end of 2022. Your secondary goal is to develop, implement, and manage a reporting and analytics strategy that enables the leadership to track and forecast ROI from key marketing investments. Related KPIs or other performance metrics will be discussed in the interview process.


    3-Year Job Offer

    You will receive a 3-year job offer illustrating where the company is today, where the company will be in the next three years, and together, we'll plan how you will grow within that period. We expect a marketing leader that may or may not be managing a team currently, and has the desire to build their own team underneath them, and to advance from a Manager into a Director-level role.

    100-Day Success Plan

    You'll work directly with the CEO to create your 100-day success plan, serving as a transparent roadmap the IMM will use to navigate their first 30, 60, and 100 days at Origin 63. The plan will include specific goals, dates, and whom to work with to accomplish these objectives. The IMM will work directly with the CEO to co-create key inbound marketing implementation milestones and supporting KPIs.

    Excellent Benefits & Perks

    • Health, dental and life insurance with company contribution
    • Competitive compensation with bonus potential
    • Opportunity to get in on a fast-growing team at the ground floor
    • Mobile role allowing you to work from virtually any location
    • Flextime scheduling (be online from 9 am - 2 pm pacific)
    • Strong team environment with a positive culture
    • Top-tier onboarding, mentorship, and career development
    • Access to professional development and training courses
    • Trust and autonomy to lead and manage your own role
    • Annual access to HubSpot’s Inbound conference
    • Paid time off
    • 401(k) options

    Skillsets that We're Looking For

    HubSpot experience

    • Edit drag-and-drop email, website, blog, and landing page templates
    • Write, structure, and program automated lead nurturing workflows
    • Create and implement sequences, templates, snippets, meeting links, etc.
    • Develop and implement smart content and utilize a high degree of personalization
    • Map out key inbound marketing funnel performance reports and dashboards
    • Use analytics and unique tracking links to evaluate campaign performance
    • Utilize chatbots to create meaningful and personalized customer interactions
    • Advanced experience with object segmentation tools for list development
    • Evaluate and manage the performance of advertising for key channels
    • Utilize social posting tools to publish and track social media engagement
    • Advanced knowledge of campaign analytics setup, tracking, and analysis
    • General knowledge of account-based marketing features and use-cases
    • General knowledge of HubSpot objects (companies, contacts, deals, etc.)
    • Ability to add, edit or remove object properties and property types
    • Effective use of lead capture tools such as forms and CTAs
    • Basic awareness of Service Hub features and use cases
    • Basic awareness of Operations Hub features and use cases
    • Effective use of standard associations and association types
    • General knowledge and usage of A/ B testing abilities
    • Interest in developing competency in Operations Hub
    • Basic competency in ABM and of target accounts features
    • Basic competency in most CMS Hub features
    • Basic competency in the universal inbox feature
    • Create saved views across all object types
    • Etc.

    Inbound Marketing Experience

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Google Adwords and display advertising
    • Retargeting/ remarketing advertising
    • Editorial and social media calendars
    • Community building tactics and strategies
    • Copywriting (standard marketing materials)
    • Content marketing strategy (i.e., blogs, pillar articles, link-building)
    • Lead magnet creation (i.e., webinars, ebooks, case studies, etc.)
    • Development of customer stories (i.e., enhanced case studies)
    • Personal and Ideal Client Profile (ICP) creation
    • Account-based marketing fundamentals
    • Funnel analytics and performance reporting
    • Automation of data enrichment & QC
    • Campaign strategy and oversight
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals & KPIs

    Managerial experience

    • Oversight and selection of 1099 contractors
    • Oversight and selection of key vendors (i.e., SEO/ PPC agency)
    • Evaluation and selection of additional martech software required

    "Nice to Have" Skillsets

    • Entrepreneurial Operations System (EOS)
    • Multi-touch attribution reporting
    • Video editing and production
    • Channel partner management
    • Advanced data enrichment
    • Cold outreach campaigns
    • Journalism/ storytelling
    • Branding & messaging
    • Sales enablement
    • Sequence writing
    • Video advertising
    • Interviewing skills
    • Podcast development
    • HTML/ CSS

    Key marketing and management activities

    • Be the driver behind all marketing initiatives, reaching out to resources both internally and externally, to get what they need to launch campaigns
    • Devise ABM-style campaigns with the aim of acquiring new customers
    • Manage the strategy, implementation, tracking, and measurement of marketing campaigns
    • Collaborate with strategic partners to launch and manage co-branded marketing campaigns
    • Brief and oversee the work of internal and external contractors and vendors, such as designers, SEO vendor(s), and content producers
    • Oversee and manage the development of campaign assets including sales enablement content, blogs, pillar pages, lead magnets, webinars, and video snippets
    • Ensure that the organization’s brand and identity is adhered to in campaigns and in all communication channels
    • Deliver monthly reports of campaign results, including web analysis and evaluation of KPIs
    • Maintain weekly and monthly measurements of the ROI of campaigns
    • Administer the Origin 63 website, landing pages, and email templates
    • Manage and maintain Origin 63 social media properties
    • Manage and oversee content production pipeline and content writers
    • Develop and implement effective nurture campaigns focused on prospects and channel partners
    • Manage and oversee a plan to expand brand awareness in the HubSpot community
    • Work with internal team to oversee and manage marketing automation, data cleansing, and enrichment initiatives

    Resources You'll Have Access to

    • A realistic, dedicated marketing budget (up to six figures)
    • Outside vendors that specialize in specific areas of marketing, like SEO and paid search
    • A dedicated internal team that will support your initiatives in HubSpot (account manager and HubSpot consultant)
    • Access to an executive coach (we believe in helping our employees become leaders)
    • Access to training and/or certification programs to grow relevant skillsets
    • Access to a virtual assistant for remedial, recurring tasks and data entry
    • Focused mentorship and training from the CEO (senior sales and marketing leader & entrepreneur)
    • The ability to build an internal team around you as the organization grows

    Culture, Vision, and Mission

    Origin 63's culture is all about GSD'ing (getting shit done), professional development, and making an impact. Our vision is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of ourselves, our team, our clients, and the community around us. We expect to be an "origin point" on your roadmap to personal and professional success. Our BHAGs are to become HubSpot's Partner of the Year by 2025 and Global Partner of the Year by 2030.

    Core Values

    • Be your best competition
    • Love what you do & do what you love
    • Treat it like you own it
    • Be irreplaceable
    • Act with empathy and candor


    Here are the Requirements to be Successful in this Role

    • Proven work experience: 3+ years in a marketing role and 1+ years of agency experience
    • HubSpot 2+ years of HubSpot platform experience
    • Keep abreast of trends in the HubSpot and inbound marketing ecosystem
    • Maintain knowledge and awareness of the competitive landscape
    • Agile and open to change as the shifts in the HubSpot ecosystem arise
    • Be a HubSpot evangelist and brand ambassador
    • Exemplify our core values
    • Thrive in a collaborative yet mobile working environment
    • Enjoy what we do and the people we work with
    • Excellent listening, communication, and presentation skills
    • BA/BS in communications, marketing, or similar field

    Here's What Success Looks Like

    • And inbound marketing program is driving and influencing revenue
    • You are strategically orchestrating the resources made available to you
    • You can show tangible progress and ROI to leadership
    • You're building a strong team around you
    • You're having fun!

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